Design & Construction

The Design & Construction Division is primarily responsible for the design and management of City funded capital improvement projects for the City's transportation, water distribution, stormwater management, and wastewater collection and treatment systems. It is also responsible for the review of private development plans to ensure they meet the City's engineering design standards.

Did you ever wonder how the City's various infrastructure elements (i.e., streets, water distribution system, wastewater treatment system, stormwater management system) were designed and built?

These infrastructure elements are absolutely essential to a high quality of life. Indeed, they are part of what makes our civilization possible. And the process of designing and building them is complex and expensive. Each project is subject to a host of overlapping federal, state, and local regulations. Each project must not only meet the demands of complex rules, but also must flow seamlessly into the City's larger infrastructure system. And finally, each project must fit into the City's various long range planning mechanisms, including the Comprehensive Plan, the Wastewater Treatment Plan, the Water System Plan, the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan and many others. Sometimes projects are designed by City staff while others are designed by consulting firms under contract. Some smaller projects are constructed by the Public Works crew, while most are built with the help of construction contractors.

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Main Street Overlay
Chain Lake Road Roundabout
Sidewalk Repairs