City Hall will be moving temporarily while the Administrative Wing of the Municipal Campus is being remodeled. Finance will be located at 14841 179th Ave. SE, Suite 320 Monroe, WA 98272 starting August 9th, 2023.  Learn more about the remodel and relocation of staff on the project webpage

The Finance Department is responsible for the following functions:


 Administering the City’s financial accounting system accounting for all revenues, expenditures and fund balances.

 Administering the City’s investment programs ensuring the safest and highest return on investments.

 Preparing the City’s Annual Operating Budget and Capital Budget for approval by the City Council.

 Coordinating annual audits with the State Auditor.

 Administering the processing and preparation of the City’s payroll, compiling and filing federal and state required reports and forms including all W-2 salary and tax information. Maintain records of salaries, taxes and deductions as necessary to meet legal requirements and managerial policies.

 Facilitating the Utility Billing program

 General Customer Service (Directory)

Click the image at right to visit Snohomish County's new Tax Distribution page to see how your tax dollars are used – either Countywide or by voter approved initiatives in your area.