Public Records

Requesting Public Records

SUBMIT ONLINE: Submit your records request here!

Please visit the City's Open Public Records Portal to make your request -- CLICK HERE to enter the portal and submit your request for public records through

It is the goal of the City Council to provide the citizens of Monroe with an effective and accountable municipal government. To reach this goal, the City of Monroe is dedicated to providing citizens with access to public records in an efficient manner while still fulfilling legal requirements.

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a response within five business days. If the public records you requested are readily available, you may receive the requested material at that time. If your request is more complex or possibly contains confidential information, you will be informed of when your request will be available. See RCW 42.56, Public Records Act for more information.

Electronic production of records is strongly encouraged; and staff will work with requestors accordingly.

Payment for fees related to records requests can be made in-person by cash, check, money order or credit card during business hours at:

  • For non-police records: Monroe City Hall, 806 West Main Street, Monroe, WA  98272.
  • For police records: Monroe Police Department, 818 West Main Street, Monroe, WA  98272. 
  • For court records: Monroe Municipal Court, 806 West Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272.

Payment can be made by check or money order by mail or drop box at City Hall, Municipal Court, or Monroe Police Department (same addresses as above).

If requestors do not have the ability to pay in-person or by mail or drop box, please contact City Hall at 360-794-7400, Municipal Court at 360-863-4521, or Police Records at 360-794-6300 (or email PD Records) to make arrangements for payment by credit card over the phone.

Please email/call the appropriate office for questions only; submit requests for public records through the NextRequest Portal (link above).

For Police Department Record Questions:

Monroe Police Department

Police Records Division

818 West Main Street
Monroe, WA 98272

Phone: 360-794-6300
Fax: 360-794-3129

For City Hall Record Questions (non-police):

City Clerk's Office

806 West Main Street
Monroe, WA 98272

Phone: 360-794-7400
Fax: 360-794-4007

For Municipal Court Record Questions:

Monroe Municipal Court
Court Administrator

806 West Main Street
Monroe, WA 98272

Phone: 360-863-4521