Is this trail or park maintained by the city? 

View the city-owned parks & trails on the Parks & Trails map. If you have a concern about a city-owned facility, please contact the Parks Department at 360-863-4559 or through Monroe Listens. If your area of concern is not maintained by the city, please contact your local HOA. 

What is the lighting schedule for the Synthetic Turf Fields at Lake Tye Park? 

The lights overlooking the turf field are set to come on automatically 30 minutes before sunset. The lights will turn off every night at 10:10pm, following our City nuisance code, MMC 6.04.055, and Washington State Code, WAC 173-60-040.

Are boats allowed on Lake Tye?

No gas-powered motors of any size and no electric motors in excess of 1 ¾ HP, including model boats, are allowed on Lake Tye, unless otherwise approved by a special event permit under code MMC.9.28.110.

Are drones allowed in city parks? 

No drones are allowed to fly in any City-owned park per the MMC 9.28.070.

Are dogs welcome in any parks?

Dogs are welcome in our parks; however, the following rules apply to ensure a great experience for all:

  • Dogs must be under control at all times by leash or verbal command
  • Dogs are not allowed in lakes, streams, playgrounds or athletic fields
  • Dog’s waste must be picked up and disposed of in trash receptacles. Dog waste bags are available at most parks and trailheads.

Wiggly Field is a designated area where your dog can freely run at-large with others but please observe Wiggly Field rules.

Are there guidelines and rules for a special event?

Yes, please refer to our special event application for more information.

Are there rules the City of Monroe’s parks?

Yes, they are listed under Municipal Code 9.28.

How deep is Lake Tye?

The Lake Tye water level fluctuates by approximately 3 feet seasonally. A bathymetric survey was done on the south half of the lake in 2012. At that time, the lake at its deepest point was approximately 29 feet. Certified city staff consistently monitors water levels to ensure the proper functioning and environmental health of the lake.  

How do I rent a covered picnic shelter?

To guarantee a spot at a covered picnic shelter, you need to reserve them by visiting our online reservation system. You should be able to find everything you need here, including pricing, availability, and accommodations. If you need assistance navigating the system or have further questions, please contact the Parks Administrative Assistant, Makenna Ohlsen at 360-863-4519. If there is not a reservation at the facility, then it is first come first serve.

Is camping available at any of the city parks?

No, however there are several different campgrounds in our area, including: Eagle Park RV Park, Flowing Lake, The Evergreen State Fairgrounds Campground and Thunderbird RV and Camping Resort.

What are the requirement for being able to fish at Lake Tye?

Although fishing is allowed year-round, you must have fishing license per the Fish & Wildlife guidelines.

What are the park hours?

City Parks are open daily from dawn to dusk.

What is the distance of the cement walking/run loop around Lake Tye?

One lap is equal to 1.63 miles. 2 laps around the loop is equal to the distance of a 5k.

What is the distance of the parameter cement walking/run loop around Skykomish River Park?

One lap is equal to .75 miles.

Who is responsible for the Lewis Street Boat Launch?

Lewis Street Boat Launch is owned and maintained by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Why is the mesh fencing at Wiggly Park removed each year?

The mesh fencing is removed each year between the months of October – April due to annual flooding. This particular fence was designed to withstand the damage of annual floods.

Find all the answers to your questions on the City-wide FAQ page