Parks & Recreation

A kid playing during Miracle LeagueImportant Notice: City Hall and Monroe Municipal Court are moving to temporary locations while the Administrative Wing of the Municipal Campus are remodeled. Parks & Recreation will remain located at 769 Village Way. Learn more about the remodel and relocation of staff on the project webpage.


Monroe’s residents and visitors enjoy a varied system of parks and open spaces from pocket parks like Blueberry Children’s Park to large community parks such as Lake Tye Park. These green spaces provide a variety of athletic and outdoor recreation facilities, including active and passive recreation opportunities. In addition, the city and its partners offer a variety of recreation programs, events, volunteer opportunities, and services.

Department Overview

Monroe is a lively center surrounded by nature. A place of beauty and goodwill. Our parks, waterways, and environment are healthy and accessible for everyone to enjoy. Friendly and responsive, we strengthen connections through gathering spaces, events, services, and community-centered infrastructure – creating a safe place for all. In Monroe, everyone feels at home, and everyone feels they belong.

Our maintenance and operations team of 7 manages 17 Parks with 288 acres, 23 trails comprised of 14 miles, 14 sports fields, 12 playgrounds, 7 sports courts and 7 picnic shelters, they also help facilitate 30+ events a year. Our admin staff of 4 facilitates those 30+ events, manages over 1,600 facility reservations, plans upgrades to our 17 parks and works to acquire new park, trail and open space areas within the city.

Mission Statement

The Monroe Parks and Recreation Department is committed to: 

  • Protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of Monroe through the development of a vibrant system of parks, open space, and trails
  • Providing residents of all ages positive opportunities for recreation and social gathering in clean, safe, accessible, and inclusive facilities and green spaces
  • Enhancing health, quality living, and the natural environment for present and future generations

“Any portion of an individual’s time not occupied by employment or life’s essential activities is leisure time, which is pursued for its own sake, to recreate, to experience the opposite of toil and enrich the body, mind and human spirit.”

Park Facilities

View a full list of our parks and facilities. 
Browse CivicRec for available picnic shelters, create an account, make a reservation, and pay, all within a few easy steps.