How To Make A DonationDonated Bench

In 2019, the City of Monroe adopted a Donation Acceptance Policy to establish a formal process for acceptance and documentation of donations made to the City of Monroe.  The policy provides guidance when individuals, community groups, and businesses wish to make donations to the City.  Donations may be offered in the form of cash, real or personal property.  

Donations may be accepted in the form of both designated and undesignated donations.  Designated donations mean those that the donor specifies for a particular City department, location, or purpose.  An undesignated donation means those donations that are given to the City for an unspecified use.  Designated donations may only be accepted when they have a purpose consistent with the City’s long range strategic plans, goals and objectives, comprehensive planning documents, municipal code, policies and are in the best interest of Monroe.  The City must always consider the public trust and comply with all applicable laws when accepting donations.  Flower Donations Opens in new window

The Policy also includes guidelines for a consistent decision-making process related to the acceptance, placement and long-term maintenance of public requests for Memorial Tree and Bench Donations in City-owned facilities, parks, natural areas and trail system. Memorial Public Art considerations shall be subject to requirements of both this Policy and the City’s Public Art Policy.  The City may limit memorials in order to promote resource management and sustainability of natural landscapes.  The integrity, natural and architectural features of parks, natural areas and facilities will be preserved and not detract from a user’s experience.  

Donation Acceptance Policy (PDF)

Public Art Policy (PDF) 

Donated Benches (PDF) 

Donated Trees (PDF)