Sidewalks & Planter Strips

Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance of sidewalks and vegetation includes, but is not limited to, the removal of debris, leaves, garbage, snow, or ice from sidewalks and regular cutting and pruning of vegetation. Per Monroe Municipal Code (MMC) 12.14.010, maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner abutting upon the public sidewalk or planter strip (the space between the sidewalk and the curb).

The City will perform repairs and replacement of damaged sidewalks that are cracked or broken; including vertical separations that can result in a trip hazard or horizontal separations between panels to the extent that there is a potential danger to the public. Hazard or problem trees that are growing in the planter strip will be removed by the City.

Porous Concrete

Property owners fronting porous concrete sidewalks are required to keep leaves, garbage and debris picked up to prevent clogging of the voids in the concrete. Due to specialized cleaning required for porous concrete to absorb water, the city will perform high pressure washing of porous surfaces. Specific de-icing products should be used on porous concrete to prevent damage to the sidewalk. Ice melt with calcium chloride or potassium chloride are best as only a minimal amount is needed. Avoid using products with magnesium or ammonia as they will deteriorate porous concrete more rapidly. Do not sand porous concrete as it will clog the infrastructure. 

Reporting Issues

Sidewalk damage, hazardous trees, or issues requiring city assistance can be reported to Public Works directly at (360) 794-6100 during normal business hours or can be reported online through Monroe Listens: