Street Sweeping

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Before- sweeping

After Sweeping

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Monroe’s Public Works Operations and Maintenance sweeps City streets in order to clean road grit, leaves, and other debris from the traveled right of way and the City stormwater system. The City’s sweeping schedule is flexible and based upon the amount of debris observed within the roadway.

During the fall season it is typical for city crews to sweep daily in order to pick up leaves. You can help to make leaf removal more efficient by taking the following steps.

  • Collect leaves from private property as often as possible and place them in a yard waste container.
  • Do not pile leaves in the street. The sweepers cannot effectively collect piled leaves.
  • Do not blow leaves from private property into the street, this will clog storm drains and cause potential flooding.

If you have further questions regarding street sweeping, please visit Monroe Listens or call 360-794-7400 during normal business hours.