LEOFF - 1 Board

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A Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Plan 1 Disability Board, which may be referenced to as the LEOFF-1 Board, was established August 2023.

The LOEFF-1 board shall consist of five persons selected as follows:

  • Two members of the city council, who shall be appointed by the Mayor.
  • An active or retired City of Monroe law enforcement officer. If no eligible active or retired members of the police department are willing or able to be elected to the board under this subsection, then the following individuals may be elected to the board: Any active or retired law enforcement officers who reside within the jurisdiction served by the board. This includes active and retired law enforcement officers. The widow or widower of a law enforcement officer subject to the jurisdiction of the board.
  • One member of the public at-large, who shall be appointed by majority vote of the other four LEOFF-1. The at-large member shall reside within the city at the time of and for the duration of his/her appointment.

Terms: Each disability board member shall serve a two-year term. Duties.  Duties shall include, but not be limited to, authorization of payment for LEOFF 1 member health benefit claims.

Board Members:

Council Members:
Kevin Handford
Kyle Fisher

Mark Wakefield
William Abell


Human Resources Department

  1. LEOFF-1 Board Rules
  2. Monroe Municipal Code

LEOFF-1 Temporary Rules

The LEOFF-1 Board has approved the Snohomish County LEOFF-1 Board Rules. These board rules will be amended by the board as necessary.