Public Notices

Per RCW 36.70B.110, the City of Monroe will publish Public Notices to alert the community of governmental action and decisions, including Comprehensive Plan amendments and some land use applications. These notices contain project information and directions for the public to submit formal comments on an application.

The most common method of public noticing is publication in the local newspaper, The Everett Herald. The same notice is also posted at Monroe City Hall (806 W Main St) and the Monroe Public Library. If the action is affiliated with certain land use permit applications, notice is also posted at the project site and mailed to surrounding property owners within 500 feet. Notification is also sent to other public agencies as required. 

More information on public notices can be found in MMC 22.84.050. For questions related to a specific notice, please contact the project manager listed on the notice or email Land Use. 

Notice of Public Hearing

SEPA Determinations

Notice of Application