Community Development

Community Development moved to 14841 179th Avenue SE, Suite 320 (Sky View Medical Center). For more information on the temporary City Hall relocation, please click here.

Our mission is to provide the most reliable, efficient and friendly customer service to our citizens and stakeholders by making sure essential public health and safety needs are met.  We are dedicated to being pro-active and providing a balanced approach to growth through effective planning, building and permitting while maintaining and promoting the city’s goals and policies in the Comprehensive Plan. The department provides solution oriented services to the community through the application of professional planning and inspection skills, adopted plans, and standards which facilitate the growth of the local economy, enhance the quality of life and preserve the natural environment for current and future generations.

To achieve this, we are committed to:

  • Managing change in ways that maintain or improve Monroe’s character and quality.
  • Improving the Downtown as a focal point of the community by providing dining, cultural entertainment and housing options.
  • Protecting our citizens by ensuring the safety and welfare of those who live and work in Monroe by regulating the construction, use, and occupancy of buildings and structures.
  • Implementing recreational, economic and tourist opportunities.

Inspection Requests 

9am to 12pm & 1pm to 3pm. City staff will attempt to conduct inspections within 24 hours of the request. 

To schedule your Building, Fire and Public Works permit inspections online, please visit here and you will be redirected to the inspection page.  Please note that the cut off time for inspection requests is 4 p.m.


For Building, Engineering, and Fire Department permit submittals and information on uploading permit documents: Email Building

For Land Use/Development permit submittals and information on uploading permit documents: Email Land Use