Letter to the Community Regarding the Death of George Floyd

Chief Jolley’s Message to the Community Regarding Death of George Floyd

Published on June 1, 2020

This past week’s events have been sobering for our nation. The horrific act of a group of officers through their actions and inactions that killed George Floyd has left us all in disbelief and outrage. The video, while hard to watch, was viewed by all of our officers with good discussions on not only the actions of one officer but also for those officers that could have stepped in and stopped the tragedy.

On Friday, our department was notified of a peaceful demonstration that would occur in Monroe on Saturday and we are thankful that that was exactly what happened. Saturday night, we had Monroe Police Officers respond to Seattle as a part of the North Metro Sound Swat Team. This same team responded Sunday night to Bellevue. I am very grateful those officers made it home and back to their families safely.

We continue to support our law enforcement partners, working as a team, to keep peace in our communities. The men and women of the Monroe Police Department are committed to protecting the constitutional rights of all those we serve, equally, fairly, and without bias. I am extremely proud of our officers and the professional manner in which they conduct themselves. Our officers train to the highest standards and best practices in Crisis Intervention Training, de-escalation, use of force, ethics and are fully partnered with and part of the community.

On a personal note, as the father of a young black man, I worry daily for his safety and am angered by the unnecessary death of George Floyd, it did not have to happen. As a Police Chief, I am saddened that the actions by a few officers in Minneapolis have caused suffering across our nation, and sullied this profession. At this critical time, we should all stand together, reach out with support for each other, and collectively denounce the actions that led to / caused this horrible death.

I welcome the dialog that sheds light on police interactions and ways to improve our relations with our diverse community. As your Police Chief, I commit to continuing a police department that is professional, ethical, and strives to serve and protect our community.

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1. Does your Use of Force Policy allow officers to use chokeholds or strangleholds?
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5. Does your Use of Force Policy require verbal warnings, when possible, before using deadly force?
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