Human Services

At the City of Monroe, we strive to support those who are struggling, including those who are unhoused or living with addiction. We believe every person in Monroe deserves to feel safe and supported. In this section, you will find resources to assist those who:

  • Are struggling to pay rent, mortgage, or utility bills.
  • Are in need of help finding shelter, food, or other services.
  • Want to help someone who is unhoused or learn more about ending homelessness.
  • Feel unsafe because someone is aggressively panhandling or behaving erratically.
  • Someone is trespassing into their home or business.
  • See an unsanctioned encampment.

Bright Spots 
Our City staff, Outreach Team, community partners, local volunteers, and residents make a difference every day. The We Are Monroe WA Facebook page tells the stories of positive impacts being made in our community.

The goal of #WeAreMonroeWA is to elevate commonalities and shared values among Monroe residents, spark connections, and ultimately cultivate empathy that is grounded in shared humanity rather than circumstances. Similar to Humans of New York, #WeAreMonroeWA will feature about the people who make Monroe the amazing community it is. Because we are all Monroe.

Check out these stories on the #WeAreMonroeWA Facebook page or in the tab below.

  1. Calendar of Weekly Events
  2. We Are Monroe Stories
  3. American Rescue Plan Funding Stories
Weekly Human Service Events

Future Efforts 
In 2019, the City convened the Homeless Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC) that met every two weeks for nine months. They investigated the root causes of homelessness and lasting solutions. City Council approved their recommendations in January 2020, and in June 2020 established the Community Human Services Advisory Board to advise the Mayor and City Council on implementation of the recommendations.