Water Conservation

Drought Response Information

After unusually hot weather, the regions all time driest May through July period, and in preparation of a potentially drier than normal fall, the Monroe, Everett, Seattle and Tacoma water suppliers have moved to the second stage of their water shortage response plans - voluntary reductions.

The voluntary stage has been enacted because the potential for a water supply shortage continues to increase. The City of Monroe is asking customers to help by voluntarily reducing their water usage by 10%. For the average customer that means a reducing the consumption of water by about 15-20 gallons daily.

If conditions worsen, further reductions may be requested or may become mandatory in order to preserve the available supply.

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Tips for Conservation

Conservation Information 

The City of Monroe's water conservation program is built upon a partnership with the City of Everett. Both Everett and Monroe are required to have a Water Use Efficiency (WUE) program in place as mandated by Washington State Law. In response to this mandate the Cities have banded together to produce a "no hassle" FREE toolkit for homeowners. Items available include toilet tank leakage monitors, automated watering timers and reminder calendars to cut down on over watering of landscapes. .

If you are a homeowner that would like to save money on your next water/sewer bill and reduce your environmental impact, please contact City of Monroe conservation staff at 360-863-4546 or stop by City Hall to pick up your free kit (while supplies last)