When and where will City Hall be temporarily relocated?

In order to remodel the Administrative Wing, department staff will need to temporarily relocate. Relocation is expected in July 2023. Remodeling of the current campus (located on West Main Street) is expected to begin in late summer and be completed in 18-24 months.

Staff from the Executive, Community Development, Finance, Human Resources/Information Technology Departments and City Clerk’s Office will move to a temporary City Hall located within the Sky River Medical Center, 14841 179th Avenue SE, Suite 320. The building is located south of the Evergreen Health Hospital.  

Public parking is available. City offices are located on the 3rd floor.

Open at temporary location:

  • Monday, July 31: Community Development (land use, building, engineering and fire permits, planning and transportation planning)
  • Monday, Aug. 7: Executive/Administration (Mayor and City Council, administration, human services, public records)
  • Monday, Aug. 14: Finance/Utilities (Utility account services and payments, financial planning, and budgeting)

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