City Staff


806 W. Main St.
Monroe, WA 98272

Name Title Email Phone
Adkisson, Elizabeth City Clerk 360-863-4538
Baker, Pamela Executive Assistant 360-863-4524
Barr, Leigh Anne Permit Specialist 360-863-4511
Bright, Amy Associate Planner 360-863-4533
Criswell, Stacy Building Official 360-863-4536
Darrow, Katie Events and Tourism Coordinator 360-863-4519
Farrell, Mike Parks and Recreation Director 360-863-4557
Hasart, Becky Finance Director 360-863-4518
Hurst, Cheri Payroll Technician 360-863-4517
Jacobsen, Denise Parks and Recreation Administrative Assistant 360-863-4559
Johns, Denise Senior Parks Planner 360-863-4525
Johnson, Stephanie Customer Service Specialist 360-863-4512
Knight, Deborah City Administrator 360-863-4500
Lether, Jessica Permit Technician 360-863-4527
Marrero, Anita Senior Planner 360-863-4513
Olson, Dale Parks Operations Supervisor 360-863-4509
Reeves, Kim Utility Billing Assistant 360-794-7400
Restall, Shana Principal Planner 360-863-4608
Shaw, Kim Land Use Permit Supervisor 360-863-4532
Sherwood, Jim Building Inspector 360-863-4553
Swanson, Ben Community Development Director 360-863-4544
Thayer, Vicki Utility Billing Assistant 360-863-4529
Warthan, Ben Human Resources Director 360-863-4523