School Resource Officer

About the Program

The Monroe Police Department is committed to programs which are directed toward the support of youth in our community and to the prevention and control of juvenile delinquency. In partnership with the Monroe School District, the Monroe Police Department has provided school based programs for over 20 years. One of the most high profile and the busiest is the School Resource Officer Program.

Stationed at Monroe High School, the School Resource Officer (SRO) is the primary law enforcement representative for a population of 2,000 students and staff members over a 40-acre campus. The SRO is responsible for safety and security during the school day and during selected after school activities. The Resource Officer provides a vital link to outside services in support of students in times of crisis and/or need. The SRO also takes a lead role as a speaker and presenter, lecturing both students and staff on a variety of law enforcement topics.

In January 2020, Officer Craig Robertson took over the position of School Resource Officer at Monroe High School. He is also a member of the Personal Safety Training Team (PST). The PST works with eighth graders of each middle school in Monroe to teach the students ways in keeping themselves safe in our ever-changing environment.

SRO Robertson