Why are City Hall and Municipal Court being remodeled?

Monroe City Hall and Monroe Municipal Court are being remodeled to provide customer services from workspaces that better align department functions and from buildings that better meet life/safety and accessibility standards. 

Monroe’s population has grown in recent years and so has demand for city services. Improved building systems and realignment of how city departments interact with one another will support meeting the increased demand for city services. 

In 1977, city services occupied the campus located on West Main Street, which was originally built as a car dealership in the 1960s. The Administrative Wing, which currently houses City Hall and Municipal Court, has not had significant upgrades in over 30 years which now present life-safety and accessibility deficiencies. Ongoing maintenance, such as the ventilation system, is becoming more expensive and challenging. Six of the nine city departments – over 40 staff members - function within less than 10,000 square feet of office area that is constrained. The Municipal Court functions in the Council Chambers which also serves as a meeting room. A 2019 evaluation of the campus concluded it was less expensive to remodel the existing buildings than to build a new municipal campus.  

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1. Why are City Hall and Municipal Court being remodeled?
2. Are property taxes increasing to pay for the remodel?