I've been awarded funds...what are the next steps?

Recipients of ARPA funds will enter into a municipal services contract with the City
of Monroe. As part of the contracting process, recipients will need to provide proof of liability insurance, a W-9 form, and proof of either a Monroe business license or 501(c)(3) designation. An ARPA awardees workshop detailing the contracting process will be held in December 2021.

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1. Who will review my application?
2. What criteria will be used to evaluate my application?
3. What is a "project"?
4. What is a "partner" / "partnership"?
5. Are partners/partnerships required?
6. How much money is available?
7. When will funds be available?
8. Will there be additional funding rounds?
9. Are round 1 recipients eligible for future funding rounds?
10. What is my status if I'm awarded funds?
11. I've been awarded funds...what are the next steps?