Parks Recreation Open Space (PROS) Plan Update

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The City of Monroe is preparing an update to our long-range plan for our community’s park, recreation, and open space system. We would like the public’s help determining what types of parks, facilities, and recreation activities are needed in our community.

Your input will provide a foundation for the plan. Please help us:CircleMap

  • Identify ways that parks, facilities, trails, and programs can enhance community livability and meet the needs of new growth.
  • Plan ahead for ongoing improvements in all City parks and open spaces, including Lake Tye Park and the Cadman site.
  • Decide how to prioritize and support events and activities offered in our parks.
  • Consider ways to protect our natural resources and connect our city via our trail network.
  • Maximize the City’s investment in parks to increase our City’s economic prosperity.

About the Master PlanPROS Graphic

This is the start of a dedicated effort that will engage the community over the upcoming year. Washington State’s Growth Management Act (GMA) requires local governments develop and adopt comprehensive plans and include a parks and recreation element.  In order to be eligible for state grant funding, it must be updated every six years.  

The entire planning process to update our Parks Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan has four phases and is expected to be completed December 2021. The Phase 2 survey is complete and being summarized in a Needs Assessment Brief that will inform strategies to enhance the park system.

PROS Planning Process

Planning ProcessMeeting and Document LibraryJoin the Parks Town Hall

Use the links below to find additional information related to the planning process. 

Park System Map
Park and Facility Inventory
Joint Park Board/Planning Commission Zoom meeting presentation. The group met on Monday, September 14, 2020 to discuss project goals and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges for the park system.  
Community Questionnaire Results Summary. An online survey was conducted that ran from December 16, 2020 to January 19, 2021, inviting community members to provide input on the state of parks and recreation, current needs, funding priorities, and funding mechanisms. The input received will help shape the goals and strategies of the Plan.  This document summarizes the questionnaire methodology and key findings.
Joint Park Board/Planning Commission Zoom meeting #2 presentation. The group met on Monday, April 26, 2021.  Discussion centered on policies and priorities, with a presentation on needs & opportunities, followed by discussion on vision, goals and objectives.  
Joint Park Board/Planning Commission Zoom meeting # 2 summary.
PROS Vision Framework
Parks Town Hall Virtual Meeting Presentation
July 29, 2021 Virtual Monroe Town Hall Meeting and August 3, 2021 National Night Out Against Crime Pop-Up Event Summary

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We’ll need your help to create a comprehensive park and open space system for our community.

For more information, email Mike Farrell