Project Description

The purpose of this project is to provide a walking path along US 2 adjacent to the Monroe Fairgrounds. The sidewalk that currently ends at Cascade View Drive would be extended west approximately 1,200 feet to 179th Avenue SE. Extensive negotiations are anticipated with the Monroe Fairgrounds whose facilities currently occupy the area needed for the path, as well as WSDOT – the actual owner of the needed land.

City engineering staff successfully applied for two federal grants to help fund this project. The first grant is a for design efforts in the amount not to exceed $90,250. The second grant is in the amount not to exceed $432,500 and will help fund the construction phase.

  1. Jammi Guion

    Construction Documentation Supervisor
    Phone: 360-863-4514

  2. Kim Klinkers

    Senior Engineer
    Phone: 360-863-4531

Project Timeline

Phase Start End
Design September, 2020 August, 2021
Construction May, 2022 August, 2022

Project Update

WSDOT has obligated the design funds to the City. In the upcoming months, engineering staff will be soliciting for professional design services to assist with this project.

US2 Sidewalk  Project Location Map