DOC Second Reservoir

Project Description

This water utility project will construct a second water reservoir on the Department of Corrections (DOC) property. This facility will increase the fire flow capacity of the corresponding water pressure zone.

Contact Us

  1. Jammi Guion

    Contracts Supervisor
    Email Public Works Contracts
    Phone: 360-863-4514

    Kim Klinkers, PE

    Project Manager
    Email Kim Klinkers
    Phone: 425-760-7895

    Scott Peterson, PE

    Deputy City Engineer
    Email Scott Peterson
    Phone: 360-863-4606

Project Updates

The City has selected Murraysmith Inc to prepare the design. The design phase is underway and will be ongoing throughout 2019 and 2020. The City intends to begin construction in Fall 2020. 

Project Timeline

Key Benchmark Date
Authorize Project by City Council January 22, 2019
Advertise for Design RFP April, 2019
Begin Design Phase June, 2019
End Design Phase June, 2020
Advertise for Contractor Bids August, 2020
Begin Construction October, 2020
Construction Complete Summer 2021
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