Adams Lane Utility Replacement

Project Description

This project replaces approximately 630 feet of aging water main and approximately 400 feet of aging sanitary sewer main. This work will be done within that portion of Adams Lane, beginning at the intersection of Adams Lane and Pike Street and ending in the alleyway approximately 500 feet to the north. Properties that have service connections within the project area will have new water service lines and meters, as well as new side sewer connections.

The contract allows for 35 working days to complete the project. Adjustments may be made to the time if weather events interfere with the planned work. We anticipate the project to be completed near the end of May, 2020.

For more information, please contact the project manager:
Jim Gardner, PE
(360) 863-4542
Email Jim Gardner

Project Update

March 29, 2021

Project has been closed out.   

February 28, 2021

City has received clearance from Employment Security Department, waiting for clearances from L&I and Department of Revenue so that retainage may be released and the project closed out. 

January 28, 2021

City Council accepted project on 1-12-2021. 

December 30,2020

City Council will vote to accept the project on 1-12-2021, starting the 45 day lien period required by State law prior to release of retainage. 

November 30,2020

City has received all required paperwork and staff will be requested City Council to authorize the start of the 45 day lien period and the release of retainage at the end of the lien period.

November 30,2020

City is waiting for the final paperwork to close out the project this year.  

October 29,2020

The contractor has completed work on site.  City is waiting for the final paperwork.

September 29,2020

The contractor has completed work on site.  City is waiting for the final paperwork.

August 5,2020

Due to Covid protocols, this project was delayed approximately 6 weeks.  Construction resumed in early May and was substantially complete in late July.   The contractor is completing final cleanup items.  

May 7,2020

The contractor (Rodarte) will resume construction activity on May 11th, including following a Covid Health Safety Plan (CHSP) to protect the workers and visitors. Please remember to be safe around construction activity and practice separation and other personal protection measures when out in public and near others. Thank you for your patience during construction as we do our part to be safe while helping restart the economy, and improving the sewer and water reliability in our city.

The project is scheduled to begin construction on March 23rd, 2020. Rodarte Construction Inc is the contractor who successfully submitted the lowest bid to perform the work. After mobilizing to the jobsite, the contractor’s first effort will be to install a temporary water supply for adjacent properties. This will provide for water service while the contractor installs the new water main. 

Project Timeline

Benchmark Date
Project Authorization by Council January 8th, 2019
Begin Project Design January 9th, 2019
Design Completed December 31, 2019
Bid Advertisement January, 2020
Begin Construction March, 2020
Covid Suspension March 2020
Restart Construction May 2020
Construction is Completed August 2020
Vicinity Map