Department Mission

Mission Statement

The Monroe Parks and Recreation Department is committed to:

  • Protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of Monroe through the development of a vibrant system of parks, open space, and trails
  • Providing citizens of all ages positive recreational opportunities in clean, safe, and accessible recreation facilities
  • Enhancing health, quality living, and the natural environment for future generations

“Any portion of an individual’s time not occupied by employment or life’s essential activities is leisure time, which is pursued for its own sake, to recreate, to experience the opposite of toil and enrich the body, mind and human spirit.”

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Department Overview

Monroe's Parks and Recreation Department strives to enrich and enhance our community's quality of living. The department sensitively and efficiently manages Monroe’s diverse public lands, actively responds to the leisure needs of all residents, and effectively leads a collaborative community response to essential human services.

We strive for excellence. We project a positive and enthusiastic attitude. We are accountable for our actions and value the needs and concerns of the public, coworkers, institutions, and other agencies.