Monroe Block Watch Program

Crime Prevention Takes a Community Effort

Cooperative community effort is still society’s most effective tool in accomplishing objectives too large for individuals. An isolated individual may have little control over his/her environment, but in cooperation with others, can accomplish much.

You and your neighbors can prevent crime within your community and make it a safer, more secure place to live. Even though today’s lifestyles sometimes make it difficult to be as neighborly as we’d like, being a good neighbor can be your best protection when you band together to look out for each other’s interests.

About Block Watch

Block Watch is a program sponsored by the Monroe Police Department, to help people organize on a block-by-block basis to prevent crime in their neighborhood. Block watch is not a patrol, but a network of neighbors looking out for each other. A police officer patrolling your neighborhood may not recognize a stranger in your yard, but your neighbors would.

How Does Block Watch Work?

Block Watch is based on neighbor helping neighbor. One or two residents are designated as Block Captain / Co-Captain and function as the liaison between residents and the Police Department. The residents watch out for each other’s homes and report suspicious activities to the police and to each other to reduce the likelihood of a burglary and other crimes occurring on their street. Families on a block form a communication chain aided by a block map of names, addresses and phone numbers.

The Block Watch program is not intended to form citizen crime watch patrol or vigilante groups. You are asked only to report the situation to the police and let them handle it. It is not a good idea to confront any suspicious person (s) or attempt to make an arrest yourself; your safety could be in jeopardy.