The ProAct Team was developed to target crime in Monroe and the surrounding areas. The team includes a sergeant and two officers.


The purpose of the ProAct Team is to pro-actively enforce criminal behavior reoccurring within East Snohomish County. Instead of responding to 9-1-1 calls, the team builds strategies to go after prolific criminals.

Thieves steal on one side of the city line and sell the loot for money or drugs on the other. These types of cases need more investigation than a sole police report. The team works to see the big picture as each new case typically creates another trail of crimes.


The goals of the ProAct Team are to:

  • Increase the number of arrests of prolific criminals in East Snohomish County;
  • Increase the prosecution rate of prolific criminals involved in felony level crimes including but not limited to burglary, robbery, theft, trafficking in stolen property, and drug dealing
  • Effectively collect, analyze and disseminate information pertaining to ongoing investigations to local law enforcement agencies in a timely manner