Animal Control

About Animal Control
The City of Monroe Animal Control division serves to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and enforce local animal ordinances. Our Community Service Officer performs various services for both animals and the community, including rescuing injured or sick pets, managing stray and potentially dangerous animals, and transporting lost pets.

The Community Service Officer also plays a crucial role in conducting investigations. These investigations determine whether animals involved in biting incidents should be deemed dangerous or potentially dangerous. If a biting animal is not up to date on rabies vaccinations, it undergoes quarantine and observation to ensure the absence of rabies. Other investigations cover issues such as animal cruelty, abuse, complaints about animal noise, unsanitary conditions, and abandoned animals.

Animal Control has many responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Educating pet owners of their responsibilities
  • Enforcing city animal ordinances
  • Impounding stray animals
  • Investigating dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs
  • Performing animal quarantine
  • Investigating animal complaints and cruelties
  • Transportation of stray or injured animals

Pet Licensing

Household pet licensing is not required for residents in the City of Monroe.

Find Your Animal Services Agency

Use this interactive map to find out if you reside within the City of Monroe limits for animal services: Find Your Animal Services Agency Map.

Lost Pet

  • Start by searching your neighborhood.
  • Call the Monroe Police Department at 360-794-6300 to check if your pet has been picked up.