Patrol Officer Training Exercise

About the Division

The Patrol Division is the largest in the department comprised of six sergeants, 24 officers, and two K-9s. A sergeant and three of these officers are assigned to Investigations.

Patrol officers are organized into four teams working 12-hour shifts on three-day rotations. This provides the citizens of Monroe with 24-hour coverage.

To augment officer safety and enhance search capabilities, two teams have a Patrol K-9 and Drug Detection K-9 assigned. Additionally, select officers are certified Drug Recognition Experts, Field Training Officers, Crisis Negotiators, Collision Reconstructionists, and North Sound Metro (NSM) SWAT members.


The primary functions of the patrol division include:

  • Enforcing traffic laws
  • Investigating criminal and suspicious activity
  • Providing community education
  • Providing emergency services
  • Providing initial investigation of crimes and arrest of offenders
  • Providing proactive patrol and crime prevention
  • Responding to calls for service

Officers from the Patrol Division also help to coordinate crime prevention activities such as National Night Out Against Crime, guest speaker requests, tours of the police station, instruction at the Citizen’s Academy, and providing ride-alongs for Monroe citizens.