Strawberry Lanes Water Line Replacement - Phase 1

Project Status: Starting Construction

Project Schedule Updates: Construction to begin July 24th, and end Early-September

Current Phase

The contractor will begin by trenching and replacing a few short sections of pipe that will not involve horizontal boring. This will involve disconnecting and reconnecting some water service lines, so there may be short disruptions to service during this time.

Next Phase

Horizontal boring is currently scheduled to begin August 8. This will be the most involve phase of the project, and will require excavating large launch pits on either side of SR 522 and large pieces of equipment.

Property Restoration

There are many areas where grass will be disturbed, and landscaping will be moved around. There will be a significant property restoration process to bring surfaces back up to grade, reseed, and generally restore things back to a stable state. However, this will happen toward the end of the project once all the infrastructure is in. Patience is appreciated in the meantime.

Project Description

A new water line is proposed beneath SR 522. The dead ends of 182nd Ave will be used to stage excavation and boring equipment during construction which will lead to partial road closure during construction.

Project Area

Project Area