Code Enforcement

Please note: Due to the upcoming move to our temporary City Hall, Community Development staff will only be available via phones and email July 17- July 28. 

For more information on the temporary City Hall relocation, please click here.

The City’s Code Enforcement Unit administers the chapters of the Monroe Municipal Code that address public health, public nuisance and safety issues. Code Enforcement investigates allegations that arise from complaints and works with property/business owners to remedy these conditions. As time allows, the Code Enforcement Officer tours neighborhoods to identify code enforcement violations with the goal of improving neighborhood aesthetics and livability. 

When a complaint is filed, city staff investigates to verify whether the condition violates code. If so, the responsible individual is asked to take corrective measures to comply. If compliance is not met by the specified deadline, penalties and enforcement actions may begin as outlined in MMC Chapter 1.04.

You can file a code complaint concern/complaint online at Monroe Listens

Please visit Code Enforcement through the Police Department for more information on parking, animal control, accumulation of garbage/debris and junk vehicles on private property.

What to report

Building Code Violations

Miscellaneous Code Violations

Accumulation of garbage/debrisStorm water
Junk vehicles on private propertyStreets, sidewalks & alleyway
Overgrown vegetation into public right-of-wayZoning
Blocked fire lanesPlanning
Failure to obtain a permitNuisances
Unpermitted signageN/A
Setback encroachmentsN/A
Operating without a business licenseN/A
Living in an RVN/A
Parking on grassN/A

Note:  The City of Monroe does not enforce property line disputes, hazardous trees on adjacent properties or tenant - landlord disputes.

What we need to know to process your request:

What is the issue?

  • Pothole 
  • Street sign down
  • Plugged storm drain 
  • Nuisance property
  • Graffiti, tagging

Where is it?

  • Street address, if available 
  • Street and/or nearest cross street
  • Trail or Park name (location near entrances or how far north, east, south, or west of entrance)

Help us, help you by providing a way to contact you.

  • Email address
  • Phone number 

To File a Report:     

Submit your concern to Monroe Listens