Woods Creek Road Water Main Replacement

Project Description

This project replaces approximately 750 feet of aging water main located under Woods Creek Road, between US 2 and Tjerne Place SE. Once the replacement is complete, this street segment will receive new asphalt surfacing and upgrade the sidewalk ramps to current federal standards.

  1. James Gardner

    Senior Engineer
    Phone: 360-863-4542

  2. Jammi Guion

    Construction Documentation Supervisor
    Phone: 360-863-4514

Project Timeline

Phase Start End
Design January, 2020 December, 2020
Construction April, 2021 June, 2021

Project Updates

October 29,2020

Senior Engineer working on 60% design drawings.

September 29,2020

Senior Engineer working on 60% design drawings.

April 2020

Engineering staff have received the site topographic data from our on-call surveyor, and are working on the design. The design process will be ongoing throughout 2020.

Project Location Image

Woods Creek Water Main Project Image