Rainier View Road PRV

Construction is complete.

Project Description

This project will increase water system reliability by installing a pressure reducing valve (PRV) between two of the City’s pressure zones: Wagner 517 and The Farm 440. This PRV will be located along 199th Avenue SE, near Rainier View Park.

The construction contract provides for the installation of a packaged PRV station, including a precast vault. The fully assembled PRV station will be supplied by the City. The contractor will perform all excavations and subbase preparations, make all final outside connections, and construct other improvements, including ductile iron water main, PVC drain pipe, concrete sidewalk, concrete curb and gutter, HMA pavement patching, property restoration, and other work, all in accordance with the contract documents.

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    Scott Peterson, PE

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Project Updates

February 2021

All punch list items are complete. The contractor received a notice of physical completion on February 17th.

December 2020 / January 2021

The contractor has installed the PRV station and has completed the final connections. All other utility improvements and site restoration work is complete, with minor punch list items remaining. Substantial completion was granted January 15, 2021. The contractor will work with the City to closeout this project in February. 

November 2020

After review and state licensing verification, the lowest responsive bidder is D&G Backhoe, Inc.  Engineering staff are working with D&G Backhoe to execute this construction contract and schedule a pre-construction meeting. The pre-construction meeting is expected to occur early December, with construction activities commencing shortly thereafter. The construction window is anticipated to span three weeks, with most work substantially complete by the end of 2020. 

Advertisement for Contractor Bids (Oct 2020 - Nov 2020)

The construction contract was advertised for contractor bids beginning October 28th.  The Engineer’s probable cost opinion was $75,000.  Five bids were received and opened on November 12th, with bids ranging from $80,101 to $107,048, inclusive of sales taxes.

The following contractors submitted the two lowest bids:

  • Apparent Low: D&G Backhoe, Inc. $ 80,101
  • Apparent Second Low: Ryatt Construction $ 82,928


The water system model and project scope were verified in March and April.  The topographic survey was completed in July and August.  City Staff completed the design, prepared the contract documents, and will administer the construction contract this Fall.

Project Timeline

Key Benchmark Date
Authorize Project by City Council January 2020
Design Summer 2020
Advertise for Contractor Bids October 2020
Bid Open November 12, 2020
Construction December 2020 - January 2021
Substantial Completion January 15, 2021
Project Closeout February 2021

Project Location Map

PRV, Rainier, map