Design phase is nearing completion. 

US2 Path Perspective_After

Concept image of completed project along US 2, facing west towards 179th Ave SE.

Project Description

The intent of this project is to provide a separated path for pedestrians, bicyclists, and power wheelchairs that currently travel along the shoulder of Highway 2, between 179th Avenue and Cascade View Drive.  These road users travel from the residential areas along 179th Avenue to the North Kelsey shopping centers, approximately ¾ of a mile along Highway 2.  This project will construct a shared-use path adjacent to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds and provide a connection to the existing sidewalks along 179th Avenue and east of Cascade View Drive. The path will be within WSDOT right-of-way that is managed by the City.

Beginning in 2016, City Staff applied for several grant programs to help fund this project.  The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) awarded $112,710 for the design phase in 2020, and $432,500 for the construction phase in 2022.  These are federal grant funds for PSRC’s Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program.  In addition, Snohomish County is willing to partner with the City and contribute towards the construction of this project.  The remaining project expenses will be paid using local funds, primarily collected from Transportation Impact Fees and supplemented as necessary with Real Estate Excise Tax.

In 2021, the City worked with an engineering consultant to develop the project plans, specifications, and cost estimate (PS&E).  There were several coordination meetings with WSDOT, Snohomish County Parks, utility providers, Monroe Police Department, and the City's Economic Development Advisory Board.

Proposed project elements include a 12-foot wide asphalt path, new fencing, path lighting, street trees and landscaping, pedestrian bridge, and a marked crosswalk at Cascade View Drive.

The current construction cost estimate is around $1,000,000; 40% to come from federal grants, 25% to come from Snohomish County, and the remaining 35% to come from local funds as noted above.

The City is currently working with WSDOT to approve the final PS&E package and environmental documents.  Once approved, the project will be advertised for contractor bids.  The City intends to select a Construction Management consultant to oversee the construction phase.  Construction is expected to begin by June.  The project should be open to the public prior to the Evergreen State Fair, which begins in late August.

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Project Timeline

Key Benchmark Date
Project Authorized by City Council January 24, 2017
Obligate Design Funds June 2020
Advertise for Design RFQ November 18, 2020
SOQ Proposals Due December 4, 2020
Award Design Contract January 12, 2021
Kickoff Meeting February 2021
30% Design May 2021
60% Design July 2021
100% Design December 2021
Obligate Construction Funds March 2022
Advertise for Contractor Bids April 2022
Begin Construction Late May 2022
Construction Complete Early August 2022
US 2, shared path