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On February 25, 2020, Mayor Geoffrey Thomas and the Monroe City Council adopted the recommendations of the Homelessness Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC) by resolution. In order to assist the City in implementation of the recommendations and advise on new human services policy issues, the HPAC recommended it be made a standing committee.Untitled design

Following adoption of the recommendations, the City formed an ad-hoc committee of technical advisory experts to advise in the implementation process. This committee identified the need to respond not only to those experiencing homelessness, but also to those at risk of becoming homeless, those who are living in poverty, those who are adversely affected by crisis, and those in marginalized communities.

In order to expand the ability to discuss and respond to these topics, Mayor Thomas and City staff proposed the standing committee be established as the Community Human Services Advisory Board (CHSAB) to reflect the range of subject. At its June 23, 2020 meeting, the Monroe City Council unanimously approved a resolution establishing the CHSAB.


The CHSAB consists of 11 voting members representing a cross section of local residents, businesses, faith communities, and services providers; the initial terms of appointment are staggered, and The Mayor, City Administrator, Chief of Police and City Project Management Consultant will serve as ex-officio members.


Members of the CHSAB were appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Terms of appointment are for four years, except as provided below.

Initial terms of appointment shall be staggered as follows:

  • Four positions with terms ending December 2021
  • Three positions with terms ending December 2022
  • Four positions with terms ending December 2023

The following are the current members of the CHSAB:

Voting MembersTerm Expires
Amber MehtaDecember 2021
Bryan LipscyDecember 2021
Jim BlossDecember 2021
Sarah LunstrumDecember 2021
Jose Luis Nino de GuzmanDecember 2022
Lynsey GagnonDecember 2022
Tony BalkDecember 2022
Aisha SialDecember 2023
Bridgette TuttleDecember 2023
James HarriganDecember 2023
Roger EvansDecember 2023

Ad-hoc Members
Amy Plumb
Todd Strickler

Membership Applications will be accepted as seats become vacant.

Board Responsibilities

The CHSAB is an advisory body to the Mayor and City Council, and all recommendations by the CHSAB addressing work program, policy issues, and related budget issues will be made to the Mayor and Council. Additionally, members of the CHSAB have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide nonbinding recommendations on how to assist community members: experiencing homelessness, who are at risk of becoming homeless or who are experiencing poverty or are adversely impacted by a crisis;
  • As directed by the Council, represent the City at established community events;
  • As directed by the Council, provide nonbinding recommendations for advocating for change at the local, county and state level along with elected City officials;
  • Act honestly, in good faith;
  • Perform their duties in a manner ensuring that the public trust in the integrity, objectivity, and impartiality of the CHSAB is preserved and enhanced;
  • Provide the coordination of information among local citizens and stakeholders to seek thoughtful, effective, and lasting solutions;
  • Provide nonbinding advice and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council in the formulation, monitoring, implementation, and review of the City’s programs and policies;
  • Provide a communication link between the City, the community and local service providers on the community perspective and perception on how to assist community members: experiencing homelessness, who are at risk of becoming homeless or who are experiencing poverty or are adversely impacted by a crisis;
  • Participate in ongoing education on topics relating to equity and human services;
  • Provide nonbinding recommendations to the Mayor and the Council regarding a multi-year implementation strategy and funding;
  • Advise the City on the implementation of the HPAC recommendations.
  • Advise the City on human service policy issues.

Work Reports

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