Juror Information

Jury Duty

Juror Information

Status of the trial at this time is in bold below:

Due to Administrative Order 2020-04 in accordance with Washington State Supreme Court Order 25700-8-602 the hearing of jury trials has been postponed until after September 4, 2020.   Stay home and stay healthy. Feel free to contact the court at 360 863-4521 with any questions. 


Jurors are summoned randomly and are scheduled at the time of trial. Jurors serving at the Monroe Municipal court are residents of the Monroe area (98272). Please read your juror summons for information detailing your jury service.


According to RCW2.36.170, it is a crime for any person summoned for jury duty to intentionally fail to appear as directed.


To verify whether a trial is still scheduled and if you need to appear or not, please call (360) 863-4521. Please call after 5 pm the day before your scheduled jury duty date for a recorded message. For all other questions regarding jury service you may call (360) 863-4521 during regular business hours.


People entering the courtroom section of Monroe City Hall will be required to be screened by security. People will be required to go through a metal detector and purses, briefcases, bags and other carried items may be searched. Weapons are prohibited in the courtroom facility.


If you require accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Court at (360) 863-4521 one week prior to your jury term.

If hearing assisted devices are needed to assist you when you serve as a juror, please notify the Court at (360) 863-4521 upon receipt of your summons.