Concealed Pistol License


Effective August 10, 2020, the Monroe Police Department (MPD) will begin processing original Concealed Pistol License (CPL) and CPL late renewal, that are over 90 days expired, applications. Due to COVID restrictions, those seeking an original CPL or an expired over 90 day renewal will need to have their fingerprints done by a private service provider at your own expense. Fingerprints are required for these CPL applications. Note: Fingerprint services at the police department will resume in the future pending Snohomish County Phase III achievement and reopening of public access to City of Monroe buildings.

Please read the following before proceeding:

Click the following links to review important information about privacy related to your criminal history (AGENCY PRIVACY REQUIREMENTS FOR NONCRIMINAL JUSTICE APPLICANTS - PDF) prior to submitting your application.

FBI Privacy Act Statement

Please understand that any expense to use an outside vendor will not be reimbursed and the cost for your CPL application will not be discounted.

Listed below are some private fingerprint services in Snohomish County.

Alliance 2020 of Everett
3201 Broadway Ave. #B
Everett, WA 98201
Bellevue Fingerprinting Services 
(Multiple locations)
Bothell Canyon Park West
22722 29th Dr. SE, West Unit 100
Bothell, WA 98021
Jeanmaries Fingerprinting Services
3730 132nd St. SW
Lynwood, WA 98087
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office
Please call to schedule appointment
3000 Rockefeller, 4th Floor
Everett, WA 98201
Sterling Identity
(Multiple locations at UPS stores)
**You will need to be sure they will give you a hard card copy.

After being fingerprinted, please place all the required documents and payment in a 9 x 11 envelope. You may:

  • Mail or drop off your signed application (all required boxes completed), copy of driver's license (please make sure your address is current in the DOL database), fingerprint card (FBI FD-258 obtained on or after the signed date of your CPL application) and a check made out to the City of Monroe in the amount of:
    • $45.25 (without lamination)
    • $49.00 (with lamination)
  • Please note that incomplete application packets will not be processed.

To drop off your application during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5pm), please ring the doorbell at the front door to the Monroe Police Department and someone will collect your envelope. For after hours, you can drop your 9 x 11 envelope in the mailbox located by City Hall. In accordance with RCW 9.41.070, the Monroe Police Department will mail CPLs to eligible applicants within 30 days of receipt of the applicant's fingerprint card and after the required background check.

  • CPL Renewals do not require fingerprints and will be accepted unless expired over 90 days.  Please mail your completed application (PDF), a copy of your driver’s license, and a check for payment to the Monroe Police Department, 818 W. Main St, Monroe, WA 98272.  The fee is $32 for renewal, $42 for a late renewal, and $3.75 extra for lamination.


Applications for Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPL) will be accepted Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Applicants must be:

  • 21 years of age
  • A United States citizen
  • A resident within the city limits of the City of Monroe or be a non-resident of the State of Washington

City of Monroe residents may also apply for Concealed Pistol Licenses on the fourth floor of the Snohomish County Courthouse. Fingerprints are required for new licenses. Applications are available at the front desk and must be completed for all licenses. Payment of fees are payable upon application and are non-refundable. Licenses are valid for five years from the date of issue.

Armed Forces Renewal (Out of State Deployment)

Currently deployed members of the Armed Forces, including the National Guard and Armed Forces Reserves, who are deployed out of state, can renew their concealed pistol license by mail.  This must be done within 90 days of the expiration of the existing concealed pistol license.  The fee for this type of renewal is $32 plus a late fee of $10 if applicable.  The license in this circumstance is only valid for a period of one year.

To renew the Concealed Pistol License in this circumstance, contact the Monroe Police Department Records Unit at (360) 794-6300 or via email at  We will send you the application either electronically or via standard mail.  Completed applications must be submitted with a copy of your original order, designating the period of deployment, a copy of a valid government issued ID, and a check payable to the City of Monroe for the renewal fee.

The law also allows for members of the Armed Forces to renew their license within 90 days of the expiration if they were deployed but have since returned to the state.  A copy of the original deployment order is still required.  In this case, the late fee is waived and the standard renewal fee of $32 applies.

Effective January 1, 2019, Concealed Pistol License fees are:

License TypeFee
Original or expired over 90 days$45.25
Renewal (within 90 days prior to expiration)$32.00
Late Renewal (within 90 days after expiration)$42.00
Replacement (lost or stolen)$10.00
Lamination of CPL card$3.75

The application process may take up to 30 days. Additional information may be obtained from the Washington State Department of Licensing.