The Investigations Unit is comprised of one sergeant, two detectives, and one support person who performs administrative work as well as victim advocacy. This unit is responsible for performing police investigative tasks including investigating major crime scenes, writing and serving search warrants, obtaining evidence, following up on cases initiated by patrol officers, interviewing victims and suspects, and other criminal case processing.

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Our Investigations Unit partners with area law enforcement agencies, Child Protective Services(CPS), Monroe School District, service groups, and faith based groups to provide a cohesive response to crimes through a countywide approach.

Regional Intelligence Group

This countywide group meets on a monthly basis to discuss and share intelligence about issues related to our county. Each agency has a representative who attends the meetings. Between meetings information is shared by crime bulletins via email and fax.

Youth Advocacy Network

This forum is a Snohomish County program that was developed in 1993 to give youth and adults the opportunity to work together to create a positive future. It is a partnership with EvergreenHealth Monroe, Monroe School District, Department of Social and Health Services, Cocoon House, Monroe Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, and other local agencies. The group has been successful developing programs to reduce teen violence and drug use.

Child Protection Team

This multi disciplinary team staffs some of the most difficult CPS cases in the state. The team makes recommendations to the caseworker, CPS staff, attorneys, service providers, and judges. A recently added component is that the members may also meet with the parents or caregivers involved to review their input about the cases.

The sergeant and detectives are dedicated to open communication within our agency and working with other agencies to solve crimes. The unit has a proven track record of thorough and accurate investigations and assisting victims throughout the entire case and court processes.

Domestic Violence Advocate

The Monroe Police Department contracts with Snohomish Domestic Violence Services to provide a part-time Domestic Violence Victim’s Advocate. This person helps victims through the often-daunting court procedural process by providing guidance, emotional support, legal help, and connecting victims with resources such as social service agencies.