Boards, Commissions, & Committees


The Monroe boards, commissions, and committees advise the City Council on nearly every aspect of municipal government. These groups often seek new members, and all meetings are open to the public. These meetings also provide opportunities to comment on the work of city government. Please see our printable BROCHURE for a compilation of the information available online.

Interested in serving your community? See the VACANCIES page for information on open positions on City of Monroe Boards, Commissions, and Committees!

Civil Service Commission

The purpose of the Civil Service Commission is to assure that police officers are recruited through open competition, are hired and promoted on the basis of merit, and are demoted, suspended, or discharged for cause. It oversees civil service examinations and certifies eligibility lists.

Community Human Services Advisory Board

The Community Human Services Advisory Board advises the Mayor and City Council on the implementation of the Homelessness Policy Advisory Committee recommendations, and on programs and policies to respond not only to those experiencing homelessness, but also to those at risk of becoming homeless, those who are living in poverty, those who are adversely affected by crisis, and those in marginalized communities.

Economic Development Advisory Board

The Economic Development Advisory Board reviews and prioritizes the list of recommended actions contained in the Economic Development Strategy, the Downtown Master Plan, and other plans identified and presents the information to the Mayor and City Council.

Ethics Board

The Ethics Board is a board that investigates, conducts hearings, and renders advisory opinions concerning accusations against city officials of violations of ethics or conflicts of interest. It also reviews and recommends periodic updates to the city's ethics Policy and its applicability.

Imagine Monroe Sounding Board

The Imagine Monroe Sounding Board will review findings from the City's visioning process and recommend a draft mission statement, vision statement and core values for the City of Monroe.

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee reviews grant applications and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding allocation of local lodging tax funds. The committee also reviews and comments on any proposed imposition of lodging tax, increase in the rate of lodging tax, repeal of an exemption from lodging tax, or change in the use of revenue received from lodging tax.

Park Board

The Park Board advises the City Council on the management, supervision, improvement, and budgeting for parks and recreation facilities and programs. The board reviews the Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plan, assists with new park sites, and advises the City Council on capital projects in city parks.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations regarding the physical development of the city. It considers both long-range and current plans, as well as development regulations. It works with the City Council in balancing environmental concerns with those of the city.

Salary Commission

The Salary Commission sets the salaries of elected officials, including the mayor and the members of the council.

Open Public Meetings Act & Public Records Act Training 

All members of governing bodies must complete Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) training within 90 days of taking the oath of office or assuming duties per RCW 42.30.205. A refresher course is also required every four years. Click here to access the training.

Resource Manual for City Council, Boards, Commissions & Committees 

Resource Manual - updated January 28, 2022