Snowplow Nickname Contest

NameThisPlow-Plain-Graphic .  

Thank you to all who submitted names and voted on them in our Snowplow Nickname Contest! We had over 300 entries that our Public Works staff had the pleasure of reviewing. From those entries, we chose ten of our favorites for the community to vote on. 

We’re pleased to announce the winning names and congratulate the contributors:

  1. Rocky Plowboa (Sara Escamilla)
  2. Seymour Pavement (Sarah Lytle)
  3. Austin Plowers (Melanie Lockhart)

The other top ten contenders were: Betty Whiteout, Olaf, Col. Sander, Mr. Plow, Sleetwood Mac, Buzz Iceclear and Yeti.

Look for the winning names to be on display on the plows soon!