Public Video System (PVS)

Lewis St Park PVS Sign

The City of Monroe adopted a Public Video System (PVS) Policy for the use of surveillance cameras in public parks, on public streets or other City-owned property to protect facilities or property owned or operated by the city.  PVS are video cameras that can continuously or periodically capture activities occurring in these areas.  At the Chief of Police’s direction, PVS will be deployed at strategic locations where individuals do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy for the purpose of deterring, preventing, or reducing crime in those areas.

The City of Monroe is committed to protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of the Monroe community by integrating professional police practices with available technology.  The principal objectives of camera monitoring and/or recording in public areas include:

  • Enhance public safety,PVS Camera
  • Prevent, deter, reduce crime and public disorder,
  • Reduce the fear of crime,
  • Identify criminal activity and suspects,
  • Identify and gather evidence,
  • Document police actions to safeguard citizen and police officer rights, 
  • Reduce the cost and impact of crime to the community,
  • Improve the allocation and deployment of law enforcement assets,
  • Enhance traffic safety and traffic related investigations, and
  • Expedite and improve responses to emergencies.


PVS are currently located at two city parks:  Lake Tye and Lewis Street Park.